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Who gets my information?

AASK Insurance Services provides your information to a life insurance agent that is licensed in your state. Life insurance agents are specially trained to give you advice on which policy is right for you, the servicing of your policy (i.e. beneficiary change, address change, etc.), reviewing new policies for you, and helping with death claims. Before applying for a life insurance policy, AASK Insurance Services believes that all clients should speak with a licensed life insurance agent.

What information is given to the life insurance agent?

To provide you with accurate life insurance quotes, AASK Insurance Services obtains critical information from you. This information will include health questions and personal contact information.

Why is my information handled in this way?

AASK Insurance Services feels that many online companies have taken the personal touch away from the clients, by asking you to fill out brief questions, giving you a quote online and asking you to apply online. While this may seem easier, our experience has shown that this process does not best serve the clients needs.

Questions regarding privacy.

Should you have any questions regarding your privacy please email us:

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